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We spent last weekend in Calgary. Whenever we go to Calgary, we stay at the Fairmont Palliser.

Photo credit: The Fairmont Palliser - Photos

It’s a beautiful historical building. Continue reading

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Christmas craft: easy tinsel tree

For the last Holiday Home linky party that I linked up to, I had already posted my decked out mantel on my blog a few days before The Lettered Cottage’s linky party (which I didn’t even know about till the day of), so it was really easy to participate!

For today’s “Christmas Craft” Holiday Home linky party, I put together this blog entry especially for the party, which will be is hosted by the always fabulous Centsational Girl sometime later today.

I thought up this tinsel tree while admiring all the lovely tall cone-shaped trees in many window displays at the mall this weekend. I knew I already had all the materials to make one, too…it’s so simple, quick, easy AND cheap!

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My banana bread (yummy and sorta healthy)

Mmmm…banana bread.

Out of all the Suzy Homemaker things I do, baking is what I’ve been doing the longest. I’ve probably been baking since the age of 11, so I’ve had over 19 years of experience.

Not to say I’m an expert or anything. I just enjoy baking. I like taking simple ingredients, mixing them together, and producing something yummy in the end.
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Dining set makeover: Done!

I finally got around to finishing my little bistro set project, exactly one week after posting the preview. Here are the final before and after shots:

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All decked out

* * *

New mantel pics posted for the Christmas Craft linky party (made a tree out of tinsel)!

* * *

It’s less than a month before Christmas!

This past summer, I donated and threw out nearly all my Christmas decorations, including my cute little Christmas tree.

Christmas 2008

I thought we’d be moving and I didn’t want to have to move non-essentials. We also sold nearly every piece of furniture we owned, except for our mattress, one bookcase, and my office chair. Continue reading

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Dining set makeover: a preview

* * *

Final “after” photos of the bistro set now posted.

* * *

My first real DIY project was a messy one. It’s not quite done, but I’m posting a preview today anyway.

I bought a dining set for $60 on Kijiji. (By the way, I have had far more success selling my own furnitureĀ on Kijiji than on Craigslist.) It was an awesome deal for a table and four chairs, but the catch was that they sorely needed some TLC. The table top was well-worn after 15 years of abuse and four rambunctious children. There was a very prominent greyish white mark left behind by what the original owner said might have been a hot kettle. Continue reading

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Confession: I am afraid of driving

If you saw these two tweets on Wednesday, you probably wondered why I would take a driving lesson. After all, I’m 30 years old, not 16. Well, the truth is, I signed up for an “adult brush-up” driving lesson hoping that it would help me get over my fear of driving. I haven’t driven regularly for over two years.

I think I can pinpoint the time at which my fear of driving began. Continue reading

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Hello world!

I have decided to start blogging. After months and months of reading other people’s blogs, I’m finally writing my own. No guarantees as to how often I’ll post, though.

I’m going to blog about things I love. My main focus will be my DIY projects and musings on home design and decor, since that’s what I enjoy reading about the most. You’ll also find my thoughts on random everyday things occasionally, like what I made for dinner, what restaurant or store I discovered recently, and maybe stuff even more random than that.

So, “Hello world!”–I’m Cheryl Claudine. Nice to meet you.

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